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Yeah, a while ago I finally watched the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special "Day of the Doctor".

I really like it, though I kinda wished they made it a bit longer, as it felt a tad short.

The Zygons and the War Doctor are brilliant, and I liked it they showed about Ten's relationship with Queen Elizabeth that was mentioned in "The Shakespeare Code" and "The End of Time".

Also, my thoughts on the new Doctor Capaldi is gonna play in future.

His costume looks pretty good. It looks pretty much like a modern version of Pertwee's. The one thing I still hope is that he can still run, since Doctor Who seems to be based on a lot of running.

Since the additions of the War and 12 Doctors, I might redo this picture I did years ago.…

I'm still not sure about if I want to add Capaldi yet, as I don't know if that might be the final costume choice. Remember what they did with Matt Smith?

So, that's all I have to say.

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Dr. Who is awesome!
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