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December 11, 2013
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TotB character speculation by Percyfan94 TotB character speculation by Percyfan94
Yeah, since the book cover for the new special was revealed, I decided to share my thoughts on who might be these characters are in the special.

On the back, we see some sort of a steam shovel vehicle. I believe it could be Ned since he's the only one on Sodor. Besides, we got it correct last year that Jack was coming back in the show.

As of the new character, Henrietta. She is either that big green engine or the blue tank engine that looks like Millie. (Why, Brenner?)
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The big green engine seamed to have a masculine voice in the tale of the brave trailer. So Henrietta is more likely to be the blue tank engine. If I'm wrong and Henrietta is green it would be appropriate since Henry is green.
Well, I do know the rail steam shovel is not Ned.
Timscorpion Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist


When I looked at the merchandise, I found a clue for you to see.

The blue engine on the bridge is named "Timothy", just like me!

If you think I am lying, compare the engine to the toy on the wiki:

henrietta esta voltando:D (Big Grin) 
I've been looking for this... I couldn't find it in the links on the Roll Along Thomas blog!

Maybe this so-called "new" Henrietta could actually be the real Henrietta, but being able to speak like she did in older episodes, maybe even get a face like in the RWS! I have mixed thoughts on this being the real one or a new one altogether and not being able to get a different name instead. There's HUNDREDS of name ideas out there!
Fraid not gentlemen, HiT's tendency to use weird as fuck steam locomotives characters has started up again, this time they've used The Colombian Steam Motor Locomotive as that massive green thing there.…
I'm probably gonna get a lot a flack for saying this, but I personally think that the larger green locomotive it a Garratt-type locomotive and the blue one is either a 2-truck Shay, a 2-truck Heisler or a Forney 0-4-4T.
That big green garret thing is actually the Colombian Steam Motor Locomotive A rather unusual locomotive in its own right.…
So that's what that is. I've never heard of that type engine before. Thanks! :)
StephOfTheEast Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
If that chap is Ned, then he's been modified too much for my liking. His chassis is odd and the wheels look almost more like rail wheels. He's been made far too long, the front part of his cab roof that stuck out over his face is missing, his funnel has moved and there appears to be an additional roof and floor protruding from his back end. His bucket, too, appears to have a sharper point.

Conversely, if it's not Ned, then I'm disappointed that they would introduce another steam shovel, and make him the same colour, when they could just use Ned. I do hope it's Ned as I think The Pack has a lot of wasted potential, but as with Jack I'm not a big fan of the modifcations.
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